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Why Own A Vacation Home Or Rental In Durango?

By December 22, 2011January 11th, 2014Buying Right

Durango is known for its laid-back people, unique cultural heritage, and most of all, sweeping panoramic views of the mountains. This appeal makes Durango a prime spot for people from all over the world. If you enjoy spending time in Durango, you may want to consider investing in a vacation home. Here’s why:

Outdoor Recreation

Given the beautiful scenery in Durango, it should come as no surprise that visitors and locals alike want to spend time in the great outdoors. As such, outdoor recreation is huge in the Durango area. The most popular activities are centered around the San Juan Mountains. In the summer, hikers roam backcountry trails for any period of time ranging from an hour to a month. Others prefer the excitement of rock climbing on the steep precipices of the San Juan Mountains. The Animas River provides plenty of other recreational opportunities, including fly fishing, whitewater rafting, canoeing, and kayaking.

Come winter, everybody in the Durango area goes out to play in the snow. With a pair of snowshoes, one can traverse the very same trails that he or she hiked during the summer months. Cross-country skiing is also very popular among both locals and tourists. For a real thrill, winter lovers head over to Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort. Aptly named, the resort is perfect for snowboarders and downhill skiers looking for a challenge.

Beautiful Homes

With so much to do in the Durango area, you might not end up spending that much time at your new vacation home. Still, it is nice to have somewhere to crash when you need a little down time. The vacation homes in Durango provide an excellent environment for recharging after a busy day. With their detailed interiors, these houses are almost as stunning as the mountains they overlook. Each home is completely unique, so it is important to do a little investigating so that you find a place that is absolutely perfect for your own needs.

Durango Community

Whether you stay in Durango for a few weeks or for the majority of the year, you’ll be amazed at just how friendly other Durango residents are. The close-knit community makes newcomers feel at home right away. Meeting other people is easy, thanks to a multitude of churches, sports leagues and other types of clubs. Visitors find that they are able to make new friends by simply shopping at the grocery store or hanging out in one of the downtown coffee shops.

Buyer’s Market

If there’s a silver lining to the housing crash, it is that people can get vacation homes for shockingly low prices. While this is an unfortunate fact of life for anyone trying to sell a house, it comes as a major boon for potential buyers. Durango has not been immune to housing problems, so vacation homes are going for very reasonable prices. In fact, given the increasing demand for rentals, buying a vacation home is now a much better deal than renting one.

Let us help you locate and purchase your vacation home or vacation rental home in the Durango area. We know what it takes to find a property that will be both a wise investment plus a good rental.

Update: 1/10/2013: With the Recession over and housing markets across the country rebounding, Durango is no longer in a Buyer’s Market.  However, it is still a great time to find a vacation rental property for a long-term investment that you can enjoy while you own it.

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