How we get the word out on your property.

90% of Buyers begin searching online.

And visitors stay on our site more than 4x the industry average.  The most dramatic changes in the real estate industry have been brought about by the Internet. The Internet allows smaller real estate companies to have the world-wide “reach” and connectivity that used to belong exclusively to the big franchise companies. Nowadays, one could argue that the advantage goes to the smaller, boutique firms who are more nimble and easily acclimate to changing markets and new trends.  We use Internet resources that are the most popular with buyers. These generate serious inquiries which lead to closed transactions. Our constant in-depth research in internet marketing helps ensure that your property gets maximum exposure to the most qualified group of buyers.

Print advertising is not dead.  Yet.

Although the effectiveness of newspaper and magazine advertising is lessened as the Internet becomes more popular, these media avenues are still an important part of our marketing strategy.  The key is in the design.  As April Greiman said, “Design must seduce, shape and more importantly, evoke an emotional response.” We agree.  In print advertising, if you can get people to “stop” on your page, then you’ve managed to do what more than 85% of advertisers fail to accomplish.  We get people to stop on our pages.  Then, to go to our website where your property is beautifully displayed with professional photography and live action video.

12% of Buyers found their property by effective signage.

What is effective signage?  It’s the kind that works. Yard signs with custom QR codes are a fast and easy way to get your property’s information in the hands of buyers. We provide information in a way that makes it easy to read, simple to access and convenient to come back to. All buyers need to do is scan the code using their smartphone or tablet and all the details about your listing are sent directly to their mobile device. If you haven’t heard the word “analytics” or “Big Data” in the past couple of years it might not mean a lot to you, but to us its the litmus test for what’s working and what’s not. There are several key statistics that QR codes on our signs provide via the analytics that we track, including: when someone scans, how often they return, the time they spend on the site, and which pages catch their attention. This is great information for fine tuning the information we provide. QR codes, like Facebook, are here to stay. We think they do a great job on our signs by connecting buyers with your property in an instantaneous (good for buyers) and trackable (good for us) way.

Reaching out to other REALTORS®.

Working with other agents and encouraging them to show your home to their buyers is a win-win.  The more exposure your property receives by all qualified parties, the better.  We make a point to include agents from other companies in allowing them to show and sell your home.  We send out “new listing” communications via email the moment your property goes on the market.  We also personally contact a number of agents who specialize in working with the type of buyer your home needs.