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Reduce Your Tax Exposure

By February 7, 2012April 12th, 2022Selling Success

I just finished reading an excellent article by David Fisher in the current edition of Open Fences Magazine on reducing your tax exposure when selling real estate. David talks about the smart use of Deferred Sales Trusts in conjunction with the four main ways to receive the proceeds from a real estate sale. Those being: cash out, 1031 exchange, owner financing and an installment sale.

David makes comparisons of each of the four methods alone verses each using a Deferred Sales Trust. While it takes a little bit more knowledge and research to arrange the use of a Deferred Sales Trust, the benefits far outweigh the added investment of time and small upfront costs.

For more information on how these Deferred Sales Trusts work and how they can benefit you, please call David Fisher directly at (713) 702-6401 or visit his website at

We are fortunate to have access to these industry professionals.

Update: July 3rd, 2013:  I took an advanced 1031 Exchange Course in my hometown of Chicago with the Realtor’s Land Institute.  James Miller, Esq. with Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. taught the class and is an excellent source for questions and advice on 1031 Exchanges.  This is something everyone should at least consider when selling investment property of any kind.  Dependent upon the investors circumstances, it may or may not be an appropriate path to consider.

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