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Negotiating Your Best Deal

By July 17, 2012January 15th, 2014Buying Right

Negotiations in real estate can often times encompass a complex mixture of emotions, personalities, temperaments, psychologies, intentions and goals. Some negotiations can be quite simple; with each parties expectations being in balance. Other times they can prove to be quite challenging, become bottlenecked and can even turn downright nasty.

The skill, or perceived art, of positive negotiations requires a commitment to see the facts from all sides. It requires that you fish out the “hot button” issues, and develop a solution that creates a win-win situation.

Good negotiations start with solid fact finding and good old Q & A’s. By learning what the other side has to lose or gain, and applying strategic solutions to helping them get what they want, you can usually get what you want. More importantly, how you want it and at the price & terms that makes sense to you.

Proper negotiations are always more involved than just throwing out an offer or relying on a recent list sold comparable properties. This is especially true in the Durango real estate market, where no two properties are alike and multiple variables come into play in valuing a particular property.

Our experience is that if you are willing to spend a little more time upfront and employ a sound strategy, then the results can be fantastic. Contact us to learn more.

Shane Dawson

Shane's been in the real estate industry since 1999. He started his career working for one of the Country's largest private landowners. Since then he has worked in land development & sales, as a Christie's International Real Estate agent, and since 2019 as a member of The Wells Group Real Estate Brokerage. Click here for more information about Shane Dawson.

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