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Keys To Selling Real Estate (in any market)

By October 15, 2011January 11th, 2014Selling Success

While there are a lot of different elements that contribute to a successful marketing and sales campaign for selling your home, there are really four key components that are the most significant and are relevant under any market condition – good or bad. We’ll discuss these briefly below:

Price. By an overwhelming majority (75% of the total), pricing a property competitively in the market (based on comparable and competing properties) is the driving force in selling within a desired timeframe and at the most advantageous price for you. The idea that you should price high so you have room to come down is not a good strategy.

Location. You either have a good location or you don’t. If you do, then make sure it is represented properly in the marketing of your property. Feature it, but also explain the benefits of the location in terms that a potential buyer would understand and can relate to. If you don’t have a great location, try to determine what is good about it and emphasize those things.

Curb & Staging Appeal. I can’t say enough about pricing properly AND having good curb and staging appeal. To sell for top dollar in any market, you must have your property shown in its best possible light. This means making long overdue repairs, fresh coats of paint, proper lawn care, de-cluttering rooms, and always having your home ready for a showing. There are people that specialize in helping you get your home ready for being on the market. We can put you in touch with the ones that are the best and most helpful.

Marketing. If the price is competitive, the home is staged and it shows well, then marketing the property is a snap. There is no real magic or mystery behind proper market techniques, just good planning, identifying the target and delivering your message in a compelling way. We do this for a living and are quite good at it. If you take care of the appeal, we’ve got this one covered.

Shane Dawson

Shane's been in the real estate industry since 1999. He started his career working for one of the Country's largest private landowners. Since then he has worked in land development & sales, as a Christie's International Real Estate agent, and since 2019 as a member of The Wells Group Real Estate Brokerage. Click here for more information about Shane Dawson.

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